An uber-list of content hacks for high traffic

awesome-content-bannerI often get asked to attend internal brand and marketing meetings for clients I work with regularly. At the same time, I also get asked to come in for one off consulting sessions for businesses that may want to shake things up. Once such one of meeting went off in a direction I didn’t expect – it almost turned into me giving a lecture to senior marketers and managers of an Ecommerce business – and I think it was as much a shock to me as it was to them.

Sounds a bit strange right? Read on…

The main aim of the meeting was to build a content calendar for the digital team to keep pushing branding and SEO content out and to try and generate natural links. But it all came to head when the digital marketing manager said:

“I think that content marketing just doesn’t make sense for our business – there really aren’t enough content angles that we can use. I mean how often can you write about your products?”

That got me going – I said that they had a very narrow vision of what “content” really was. And as someone was busy making notes – I started reeling off the different types of content that they should consider. In the end – the list was so large, I decided to put together this simple guide that categorises and outlines these ideas. These ideas aren’t new – nor are they things I just started advising clients on – if you read this post on Small Business Content Ideas (from 2008!) you will see that many of my initial thoughts are in there.  You will see some more of these in my post from 2010 – Content? WTF is that anyway? In essence this post is almost a summary of my content and marketing strategies to an extent.

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